Mary Taylor Age 16 I started singing at the age of 16 (here I am at 16). I hit the stage with the band Euphoria, singing a rendition of Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin, at my high school talent show. I later went on to sing professionally, and helped to birth the three girl group, "The Rockflowers".

My latest album consists of all original bluesy spirituals with elements of jazz.


I was brought up Catholic but didn't understand what Christ did for me. So I went my own way.

When I was 21, I met a guy at a Wendy O. Williams Plasmatics concert - he drove a motorcycle and had long hair (I thought hey, he's cute). Little did I know that he was a Christian who told me I had to be born again, and that Jesus Christ died for me because I was a sinner.

I was shocked to say the least! He wanted me to go to bible studies and CHURCH! AHHHHHHH! I wanted to run! Well...he broke up with me!

For the next three months the Spirit of the Lord was chasing me around, convicting me! Through a series of events, I finally accepted Christ into my heart and realized I needed him and that I was a sinner.

There is much more to this story that I would like to share with you if you are interested. Christ changed my life and here I am years later, still crazy about him and his love and his character, in whom there is endless material to write about!

If you are at all interested to know God in a personal way, I would love you to write to me!
If you are angry with God or don't want anything to do with God, I really want you to write to me!